William Brian Hoke

About Book

The tears slid slowly down Mark’s face as he watched the coffin lowered into its final resting place. He never dreamed he would see his father laid to rest, especially at such a young age; he had just turned 42 but had been battling cancer for the last four years. As bad as it was, losing his father, he had another heart ache that he had to face. His mother, Sue was now the sole bread winner in his family and he, with his two sisters depended on her now more than ever. Mark was a junior in high school, he should have graduated this year but was held back last year due to his poor grades. Now when the smoke cleared and the final gathering was over at the Trave City VFW hall, Mark had to drop a bombshell on his mother. He had dreaded that moment more than anything yet couldn’t figure a way out of it, it must be done.

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